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Check Back Soon.  We are currently looking for other ways to offer you this E-Book. Sorry for any inconvenience.

My Top 20

Introducing Adam's First E-Book

Discover My Top 20 favorite stones and crystals in my very first book!  Inside, you will find amazing, vibrant photos of my collection along with descriptions and insight about their purpose and uses.  You will be able to connect with the energy of these incredible healers through the powerful pictures.


This book comes in a PDF format, so you will need a program that is compatible to read it.  I am currently working on uploading this online to a publishing company, but in the meantime I really want to offer this to all my supportive fans.  

To order your advance copy at the special price, you can order direct from my website.  Once you make payment, I will receive notification and then I will email you back the link to download the book.  You should receive your download link within 72 hours of purchase.

When the book is online, the process of ordering and download will be easier, but the price will also increase to pay for the fees of making this simpler.  

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