The World FIRE Grid will work with the FIRE element to help clear the World of damage and imbalance caused by things like pollution and fracking.  The energy of the element of fire will help clear on a very deep level the pain inside Mother Earth.  

This grid builds on the foundation of the first World Grid.  The first grid's energy still acts as a hologram around the planet, and the Fire Grid will build off of that energy.  Each year, I will work with a new element to help bring balance and healing.  The five elements are: Universe, Fire, Water, Air and Earth.  

I appreciate all your donations.  Each rock holds the energy imprint of where it is from - where it has been in it's existence.  It has an energetic connection to each place - where it was first created in the Earth, where it was mined, where it was sold, where it found a new home.  I work with all those imprint connections to send the healing energy of the Grid back to them.  It's like a giant road map through the Earth itself.

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Adam Garcia
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6935 Aliante Pkwy
​Suite 104, #521
​North Las Vegas, NV 89084


​Announcing the World FIRE Grid 2015

Your Love Offering is Appreciated.  You may donate any amount that resonates with you.

Can't attend in person?  You can view the World Fire Grid Online and join in this amazing energy!  Here's the link to the webinar -

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