Adam has been recognized as One of the TOP FIVE CRYSTAL GURUS OF ALL TIME

By Crystal Age of the U.K.

Adam is Available for Classes and Speaking Engagements

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Adam's Interview in Inspired World Magazine

Adam was interviewed for Inspired World Magazine as an Inspired Kid.  His in depth interview includes lots of information about connecting with crystals 

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Adam's Radio Interview with Lindsay Marino

Behind the Scenes - Filming for the documentary, "Child of Nature"

Upcoming Events

​​Watch for more exciting events coming soon, including a retreat in 2016.  

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About Adam, The Crystal Grid Maker

Who is ADAM??

Adam has a natural ability to connect and communicate with crystals and stones.  He began his spiritual journey at a very young age being able to hear and sense the frequencies of stones from his older sister's rock collection.  Soon he was giving rock treatments to family members and friends.  At the age of seven, Adam created his first crystal grid.  

It happened one day while he was waiting for his mom to finish a project.  Adam was bored, so his mother gave him several small Lemurian crystal points and told him to go play.  When she came out of her office, she was astounded to find what Adam had created - an amazing, geometrical grid that had an incredible amount of powerful energy running through it.  This was Adam's first you tube video, and now the rest is history!

Adam has been recognized by Spirit Science, Gaiam TV, Doreen Virtue, and Healing Crystals.  He now embarks on the next phase of his journey - healing the planet.

Adam's big idea is to create a WORLD GRID to promote healing for Mother Earth.

Adam in the Media....

Read about Adam in Doreen Virtue's article, "Children Who Heal People and the Planet - The Crystal Children"

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Adam's Radio Interview with Psychic Tapestry